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QZ-9 Triplex Mud pump

        Model QZ-9 mud pump is a horizontal triplex single acting piston pump which is made by Qingzhou Petroleum Machinery Factory Co., Ltd utilizing American technology and API standards.

QZ-9 Specification

QZ-9 Performance data

QZ-9 Mud pump mostly design features
• Pump case are welded castings steel and steel plates.
• Crankshaft bearings are double-row spherical roller bearings.
• Double extended Jackshaft carried on heavy-duty straight roller bearings.
• Connecting rod tip are fitted with roller bearings.
• Wrist pin end carried on double row long cylindrical roller bearing.
• Replaceable bronze crosshead slides.
• Main gears are machined to herringbone gear.
• Lubrication system is the combination of forced lubrication and splash lubrication.
• Valves are API 7# valves seats.
Discharge connections can be made on either side of pump.
Suction connections at the center of the cylinder manifold
Standard equipment:
• Threaded valve covers.
• Heat-treated alloy steel, interchangeable fluid cylinders.
• Plated piston rods.
• Complete piston washing and lubrication system
• Discharge pulsation dampener.
• Individual suction and discharge manifolds.
Optional Equipment
• Large steel skid with non-skid decking.
• Centrifugal suction charging pump.
• Rubber valve inserts.
• External electric powered lube pump.
• Top electric motor mounts.
• Belt-driven centrifugal suction charging pump.
• Electric-driven centrifugal charging pump.
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