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 SL3NB Series Triplex Mud pump >> SL3NB-1600 >> SL3NB—1600 Drilling mud pump

         SL3NB—1600 Drilling mud pump is Triplex single action piston pump, Design characteristics is an optimization parameter, increased the stroke properly, lowered the speed reasonably, improved the suction capability of the pump, prolonged the service life of wearing parts The pump used for oil-field and other industrial and mining establishments; Used for the drill, well workover and transport the liquid media;Mainly installed on 45-90 rig.
         The series pump produces according to SY5138 of the petroleum industry standard strictly, and carry through factory's experiment according to the standard
SL3NB—1600 Drilling mud pump technical parameter
Based on 90% mechanical efficiency and 100% volumetric efficiency.
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